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Lucivero Consulting LLC provides strategic planning and capacity-building services to nonprofit organizations and public service-oriented companies.


A sector of effective and ethical organizations that have access to strategies and tools for connecting with community members, delivering services and maintaining a positive, measurable effect on the constituents they serve.


Free consultation

Providing a free consultation to assess the needs of clients.

Strategic planning

Working with clients to develop customized processes and strategies.

Capacity-building services

Creating the products and resources needed to enhance outreach and implementation of programs.


Michael Lucivero is a nonprofit management professional who founded Lucivero Consulting LLC in 2018. He has 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector specializing in program management, design and evaluation for improved outcomes. He has directed the design, management and evaluation of education programs on U.S. foreign policy and global affairs that served communities, high school educators and college and high school students across the United States. He takes great pride in delivering high-quality programs that increase awareness of policy issues and cultural connections, as well as to facilitate further learning.

Michael started Lucivero Consulting LLC to provide strategic planning and capacity-building services to nonprofits and public service-oriented companies. Among the strongest assets that he brings to his work is the ability to help clients clarify their needs and develop effective strategies to improve program delivery. In addition, he assists clients by creating materials and resources needed to enhance program outreach and implementation. Contact Michael.

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